Super Scientists

This morning, the children have been working scientifically to investigate what happens when primary colours are mixed together. The children learnt that the blue, yellow and red are all primary colours. Before they were set off to experiment this, they predicted what would happen when these colours are mixed together. The children were given a variety of opportunities to mix colours in different ways.

Nursery began by mixing paint together. They pushed the colours around so that they swirled and mixed in different combinations, patterns and shades of colour. Have a look at their findings below.

To extend their learning further, the children investigated what would happen when the primary colours are mixed with white and black. They learnt that mixing white makes the colour ‘lighter’ and mixing black makes the colour ‘darker’.

Their findings were then confirmed during the food colouring experiment. In a small container of water, drops of food colouring (red, yellow and blue) were stirred together in a variety of combinations.

Having learnt about all of these colours they explored the multi sensory room, identifying and naming the colours as they saw them.

Using scientific equipment, the children concluded their morning, by trying to change the colour of the white light. By placing coloured objects in front of the torch, the children were able to change the colour of the light as it appeared on the wall.

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