Hedgehog Heroes

Today, as part of Nursery’s Autumn topic, they met Marilyn from Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue Centre. For more information on the work of Snuffles, please visit their website, http://snuffles-rescue.com.

Marilyn’s knowledge of hedgehogs and how to look after them was amazing and the children all learnt lots from her. They began by discussing the body parts of a hedgehog and comparing them to those of a persons. They learnt that hedgehogs use their nose to smell food – hedgehogs like to eat worms, caterpillars and beetles.

Nursery also learnt how they might recognise if a hedgehog is living in their garden (by their poo – the children even got to see some), how they can make their gardens safe for hedgehogs and what to do if they find a hedgehog.

Finally, the children were able to meet one of the many hedgehogs that Snuffles look after. Nursery had to remain very quiet, as they learnt that hedgehogs become nervous when they hear loud noises.

The children thoroughly enjoyed expanding their knowledges of hedgehogs and are ready to become ‘Hedgehog Champions’! Thanks again to all of the parents and guardians that sent donations of pet food for Snuffles, it was greatly appreciated!

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