Over the last week, Nursery have been learning lots about Diwali, the festival of lights.

The children learnt that Diva lamps are traditional decorations, used to make Hindu houses look bright. Nursery have created their very own Diva pots using clay. Through this process the children have strengthened their fine motor skills by rolling the clay, coiling it round and finally pinching it all together.

Nursery also learnt that during the festival, it is common for Hindus to share special food and sweets. As part of the children’s celebrations, they were able to taste samosas, Barfi and Gulab Jamun.

They have also created beautiful pieces of Rangoli artwork. The children learnt that these patterns are traditionally made on the floor using coloured rice or sand and are a way of ‘lighting up’ homes. To create these patterns, the children had to think carefully of their designs and repeat in each quarter of the paper. The other patterns were made using a programme on the computer. The children were required to select objects, dragging them onto a symmetry wheel. They were able to change the size and colour of these objects, by using the tools.

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