VE Day Celebrations!

How many happy faces can you see?

75 years ago today on 8th May 1945, everyone was celebrating the end of the war. Lots of people all came together to have big street parties. We were hoping to have a really big street party at school with all of you, but we can’t celebrate in the same way at the moment as we are all at home keeping safe. Perhaps you might have a little party at your house with your family instead, here at my house we have made some red, white and blue bunting and I’ve made us a lovely cake we can enjoy with a nice cup of tea! Please send us any of your celebration pictures so we can see how you’ve enjoyed the day.

It has been lovely to speak to lots of your families over the last couple of weeks and hear that you are all staying safe and are happy. Lots of you have been really busy, working hard and having fun with your family. We have updated the home learning page and there is a new ‘Minibeasts’ project on there and lots of lovely creative activity ideas for you to have a go at too. At school yesterday we went on a minibeast hunt, we found lots of ants, a small green caterpillar, a trail left by a snail and quite a big spider! I wonder if you have been on a minibeast hunt… Did you find more minibeasts than we did at school? We would love to see any of your work, please send us any photos of your fantastic achievements to

We look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and keep smiling!

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Ross and Mrs Taylor x x x 🐛 🐞 🐌 🐝 🐜 🦋 🕷

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